Special Utility: 49.3 – 61.4HP

MX Series: MX5200

Take on the tough jobs in a tractor you’ll be proud to own – Kubota’s new MX5200, featuring a powerful and clean 54.7 HP Kubota diesel engine (Tier 4 Final), HST Transmission, Gear Drive Transmission and Synchro Shuttle Shift, Bevel Gear Front Axle, High-back Suspension Seat, One-piece Hood, Halogen Headlights, Electric-Over Hydraulic PTO Switch, New Dash Panel, Operator Comfort, Easy Handling, Grill Guard, and of course a Cup Holder! Basically, it’s built to get things done.

What you thought was impossible
in a mid-size tractor is now…

Shown: MX5200

Other Models available in the MX Series Special Utility Line-up are MX4800 & MX5800


Deluxe Utility: 56.0 – 74.3HP

Shown: M5660SU w/LA1154 Loader


with You

and the Environment

in mind.

Shown: M5660SU

M60 Series: M5660SUH

From front-loader work to mowing and a whole lot more, Kubota’s M5660SU (2WD/4WD) utility tractor will take your work to new heights. Featuring a Tier 4 Final, 56 HP Kubota diesel engine, new smooth-shifting hydraulic shuttle transmission with 8 forward/8 reverse speeds and a powerful front loader boom with greater height and lifting power. Standard Features include Ergonomic Lever Layout, 3-Point Hitch, SCD Type Rear Remote Valve, High Capacity Fuel Tank, F8/R8 Transmission, Hydraulic Shuttle, High Back Bucket Suspension Seat, New Dash Panel, and Telescoping Lower Link.

Shown: M6060

M60 Series: M6060

The M6060 (2WD/4WD) has 66.4 HP packed into a Tier 4 Final compliant Kubota diesel engine, you’ll experience more torque at low RPMs with less emissions and better fuel economy. That’s a win for performance and efficiency. Plus, plan on staying productive despite the weather when you work from the comfort of an available climate-controlled cab. Standard features include Common Rail System (CRS) with Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler, Low Noise and Low Vibration, F8/R8 Transmission, Wide Fenders, Bevel Gear Front Axle, 3-Point Hitch, and Telescopic Lower Link Ends.

Shown: M7060 w/LA1154 implement

M60 Series: M7060

The M7060 (2WD/4WD) gets to work with a 74.3 HP Kubota diesel engine, rugged hydraulic shuttle transmission and state-of-the-art external hydraulic cylinders for 3,307 lbs. of lifting capacity. All that power, plus a spacious operator platform or available cab, makes Kubota’s M7060 the standard in high-productivity utility tractors. Standard features include Common Rail System (CRS) with Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler, Low Noise and Low Vibration, F8/R8 Transmission, Hydraulic Wet Brakes, Wide Fenders, Multiple Wet Disc Clutch, Bevel Gear Front Axle, Fuel Saving Economy, 3-Point Hitch, and Telescopic Lower Link Ends. An Ultra Grand Cab option gives the operator a more comfortable and spacious environment year round.


Utility Agriculture: 92.5 – 105.6HP

Shown: M5-091

Shown: M5-111 with Ultra Grand Cab

M5 Series

The M5 Series tractors are powered by the ever popular V3800 series Kubota Diesel engine, which is a 3.8 liter, turbocharged, Tier 4 Final engine. Packed with up to 105.6 HP, the M5 Series of tractors is ready for a multitude of heavy duty tasks. The M5-0191 and M5-111 combine Kubota’s DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technologies to create an exceptionally clean engine.

The M5 Series also has the time tested Kubota bevel gear front axle, which allows for low maintenance, exceptional turning radius and better ground clearance when compared to traditional u-joint front axles. The bevel-gear front axle provides the M5 Series with greater all-around maneuverability, whether you’re in the tight confines of a barnyard or straddling tall windrows in a hay field. The limited slip differential on the front and differential lock on the rear are standard features, offering increased stability and traction on challenging ground conditions.

The Ultra Grand Cab II has a fully enclosed cab with air conditioning and a sunroof with a retractable sun shade all designed to give you an excellent view of the loader when stacking bales. Other features included Floating lift rods, Category II 3-point hitch, Hydraulic wet disc brakes and Electro hydraulic shuttle for smooth shifting between forward and reverse.


Economy Mid-Size Utility: 114.0HP

Shown: M6S-111 with Cab

Value-minded,  Economy Mid-Size Utility Tractor packed with Kubota quality, horsepower and deluxe tractor features.

M6S Series: M6S-111

The M6S-111 tractor is built with the small farmer/rancher, property maintenance professional and municipalities in mind. The M6S-111 tractor features a clean-running engine with the power and speeds to tackle a wide range of jobs. Technology-drive V-3800 Tier 4 engine features a common rail fuel system, inter-cooler and exhaust gas re-circulation, and uses a diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction for minimized emissions.

Kubota’s bevel gear front axle has always been a leader in tight turning and excellent clearance under the tractor. This holds true with the bevel gear axle on the M6S-111 4WD models, as well. With 55° of turning angle and almost 17” of ground clearance, the M6S-111 is ready to tackle the tight confines of a barnyard or tall windrows in a hay field.

This tractor is ready to accept implements requiring multiple valves with the M6S CAB now having two standard rear remote valves and an optional third remote valve.


Mid-Size Utility: 104.5 – 133.0HP

Take full advantage of the M6 Series tractors’ performance with control, maneuverability and clean engines that don’t sacrifice power.

Shown: M6-141

Other Models available in the M6 Series Line-up are M6-101, M6-111 & M6-131
M6 Series: M6-141

The M6 Series tractor line offers premium features in a deluxe mid-range utility tractor package. Designed with hay, cattle and ranchers in mind, the M6 tractors are packed full of power, comfort and the versatility to accomplish any task thrown at it.

The M6 Series is the ultimate haying tractor, matching up well with all of Kubota’s hay and forage implements. Offering excellent ground clearance due to Kubota’s bevel gear front axle, the M6 will straddle and clear many of the largest windrows. And, with Kubota’s 24 Speed Intelli-Shift transmission, the operator will easily be able to find the right gear to match the desired field or travel speed. The Intelli-Shift transmission features 8 powershift gears in each of the three ranges. All four models of M6 tractors feature Kubota’s 24 Speed Intelli-Shift transmission.

The M6 Series tractors come equipped with the class leading, 4-post Grand X Cab. This is one of the largest cabs in the mid-range utility tractor market, giving the operator excellent visibility with nearly a 360° around the tractor.

The M6 Series also includes a left-hand Electro-hydraulic forward/reverse shuttle that is cleverly located behind the steering wheel, enabling the operator to shuttle from forward to reverse without removing their hands from the steering wheel.

When precision and ultimate control is needed for rear attachments, operators will appreciate the deluxe flow-control rear remotes. This gives the M6 Series’ pressure compensated, fixed displacement hydraulic system finite control and precise operation.


Farm | Agriculture: 128.0 – 168.0HP

Best-in-class performance capabilities provide commercial farms/growers with a tractor perfect for any application.



Tractor in Kubota


Shown: M7-171

Other Models available in the M7 Series Line-up are M7-131 & M7-151

M7 Series: M7-171

The M7-171 Tractor gets to work with a 168 HP Kubota V6108 diesel engine with power boost. The M7 combines Kubota’s DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technologies to create an exceptionally clean engine that meets Tier 4 Final regulations. Kubota’s customizable Headland Management System makes headland turning easier and more precise. The standard 4-speed live-independent PTO (540/540E/1000/1000E) gives you the ability to operate a variety of rear-mounted implements at the optimum speed for each, resulting in lower operating cost/fuel consumption. The M7’s wide cabin offers a virtually unobstructed view out the front, rear and sides.

The M7 Standard models feature a Pressure compensated, fixed displacement Hydraulic System, providing ample and adjustable flow rates for loader, baler, tillage, and rotary cutter applications. Other standard features include Air suspension seat, High capacity 3-point hitch, High spec/spacious cab (includes instructor seat), and 24×24 Semi-power Shift Transmission.

Hay Equipment

DM SERIES: Disc Mowers
Kubota’s extensive range of mounted and trailed disc mowers were specifically developed for the North American market. This range of disc mowers is durable, yet still features a lightweight design. With working widths ranging from 5’6″ to 13’1″ there is a machine for every customer. Along with Kubota’s fully welded cutter bar with overlapping C channels and 3-bladed discs, Kubota’s range of disc mowers can efficiently handle any crop condition.


• Working Widths ranging from 5’6″ to 13’1″
• Counter Rotating 3 Blade Discs
• Compact for Use with Smaller Tractors

DMC SERIES: Disc Mower Conditioners
Kubota is proud to offer our DMC series trailed mower conditioners ranging from 9’2″ to 13’1″ with left hand or center pivot drawbar options. Equipped with features such as a fully welded cutterbar, Semi-Swing or chevron roller conditioners, independent active suspension and FlipOver wide spreading, Kubota’s DMC8000 and DMC8500 series machines are ready to meet every request with exceptional performance.


• Working Widths of 9’2″ to 13’1″
• Left and Center Pivot Options
• SemiSwing or Chevron Rollers

RA SERIES: Rotary Rake
The Kubota rakes are equipped for maximum raking performance with up to 13 double tangential tine arms and up to 5 double tines per arm. The FarmLine rakes all feature 0.35″ wire diameter tines, whereas the ProLine rakes include heavy-duty 0.39″ wire diameter tines for outstanding durability. Kubota’s rakes are equipped with a patented TerraLink Quattro flexibility system. Kubota’s center delivery rake models feature rear-controlled steering, allowing the rake to make headland turns of up to 80 degrees.


• Working Width from 11’6″ to 27’7″
• Single or Double Rotary Rakes
• Pull Type for low HP Tractors

TE SERIES: Rotary Tedder
Kubota’s versatile range of FarmLine and ProLine tedders, proves to be dependable in all weather conditions. With working widths ranging from 17’1″ to 36’1″ there is a machine for every farm operation. All maintenance is minimized with standard features such as the heavy-duty mainframe design, Super-C tines and an oil bath gearbox. Agile, powerful and versatile, Kubota tedders feature everything you need to get the job done in an efficient manner.


• Working Width from 17’1″ to 36’1″
• Ideal for use on Hill Terrain
• Pull Type for low HP Tractors
• Maintenance Free Gear Box

BV SERIES: Round Balers
Kubota’s advanced 4’x5′ and 4’x6′ variable chamber balers offer features that prove their reliability in a variety of crop conditions. With silage capabilities on all premium balers and Kubota’s patented PowerBind net wrap system, Kubota’s BV4100 and BV5100 series balers are ready to meet the ever-changing demands of your farm. The new BV4580 round baler features a clean-raking 86″ wide pickup designed to deliver high crop volumes in the full-width rotary feeding system, producing quality 5’x6′ bales.


 • High Capacity Pick Up and Intake
• PowerBind Net Wrap System
• Minimal Maintenance

WR SERIES: Bale Wrappers
The entire wrapping process of Kubota’s WR1100 can be controlled via a handheld remote from the loading tractor. It can be mounted on the rear or front hydraulics of the tractor or used as a static machine with an external power pack unit making it ideal for “wrap and stack” operations. For smaller tractors, the extendable wheel arm of the WR1400 allows bales up to 2650 lbs. to be loaded with counterweights on the machine.
With the option to choose between Kubota’s WR1100, a 3PT turntable wrapper and Kubota’s WR1400, a trailed type wrapper. Kubota’s range of turntable wrappers proves to match the needs of both your tractor and farming operation.


• Turntable Bale Wrapper
• Hydraulic Film Cutter
• Efficiently Preserve Silage Hay


(Couldn’t resist).

This is just a sampling (a mere smattering) of what is offered to the Agriculture Industry by Kubota Tractor Corporation. We’d be happy to show you more. STOP BY one of our convenient locations and take a gander for yourself.

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