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C&N Bug Vacuum

Designed to be light but powerful. The C&N Bug Vacuum’s hydraulically powered fans send jumping and flying insects into the deflectors (similar to a bug on a windshield at 45 miles per hour). The fans raise and lower hydraulically as well as fold up for transporting. Hydraulic power is obtained from a PTO mounted pump with a self contained hydraulic reservoir. PTO HP requirement is approximately 60hp.

Three Row Configuration

Folds up for Transport

Vertical for Taller Crops

Three & Four Row Configurations Available


See how it works

We think seeing is believing, so take a quick peek at our short video and see just how effectively it sucks bugs!

This innovative machine is a welcome solution to harmful pest problems.

Here at C&N Tractors our motto is “Give us your tough jobs”. Well, we aren’t kidding. We know California strawberry growers face limited options for protecting their crops from harmful Lygus bugs. That is why we developed the C&N Bug Vacuum. This innovative C&N Bug Vacuum has become a proven force against Lygus bugs. Although the C&N Bug Vacuum was originally designed with strawberries in mind, it’s proven to be a valuable enforcer on other crops. The C&N Bug Vacuum can effectively be used to battle harmful bugs that affect crops such as peppers, spinach, squash, and peas. Contact us for more information.


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