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T SERIES: Lawn Tractors

18.0 – 22.0HP

Equipped with a host of features, the T-Series can satisfy the most demanding homeowners. The hydrostatic transmission, deep mower deck, sleek design, and Kubota’s gasoline engine make the T-Series Lawn Mowers ideal for a wide range of residential jobs.

 Residential Mowing • Gardening • Grass Catcher • Snowblower

Shown: T1880
Other Models available in the T Series are T2080; T2090; T2290; T2380

GR SERIES: Residential Mowers

20.0 – 21.0HP

The Kubota GR Series is unrivaled with Kubota’s revolutionary Glide Steer technology. Glide Steer enables the perfectionist in you to make sharp turns while cutting down on potential turf damage. The result is a flawlessly cut lawn time and again. 

Residential Mowing • Blade • Grass Catcher • Snowblower

Shown: GR2120 (3-cylinder diesel engine)
Other Models available in the GR Series are GR2020 (2-cylinder gas engine)

Z SERIES: Zero Turn Mowers

21.0 – 32.5HP

For maneuverability, nothing beats our ever-increasing line-up of zero-turn mowers. Designed to stand up to the rigors of daily use, they combine a high-output gas or diesel engine with a host of innovative features enabling you to handle anything that crosses your path.

Commercial & Residential Mowing • Grass Catcher • Gas & Diesel Models

Shown: ZD1211-60
Shown: Z726X-60

“NEW” KommanderPro

Shown: Z411KW-48

Shown: Z121S-48 w/LED Headlights
Other Models available in the Z Series are:
Z100 Series: Z122RKW, Z122EBR, Z125EBR, Z121EBR, Z125SKH  
Z400 Series | Kommander Pro “NEW”: Z411KW, Z421KW, Z421KWT
Z700 Series: Z724XKW, Z726XKW, Z723KH, Z724KH, Z725KH
Z200 Series: ZG222, ZG227
ZD1000 Series: ZD1011, ZD1021
Z300 Series: ZG327P, ZG327RP
ZD1200 Series: ZD1211, ZD1211R, ZD1211L, ZD1211RL
ZD1500 Series “NEW”: ZD1511RL, ZD1511LF, ZD1511RFL

F SERIES: Diesel Front Mowers

25.0 – 39.0HP

The Kubota F-Series sets the standard for Professional front-mount mowers with cleaner emissions, greater power, precision, and efficiency. The 6″ deep, side-discharge deck design lets tall grass stand up so it can be cut more effectively with a cleaner appearance. Hydrostatic power steering reduces operator fatigue and makes it easier to mow around trees and other obstacles. Superior operator comfort and reliability making the F-Series the right choice for commercial mowing needs.

Commercial Mowing • Residential Mowing • Sweeper Blade • Grass Catcher 

Shown: F3990
Other Models available in the F Series are F2690E; F2690

Kubota makes mowing, the best part of your day!



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