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Special Utility: 72.6 – 108.0HP

Engineered specifically for work in vineyards, orchards or anywhere else that might require a narrow tractor.

Shown: M5N-091

M Narrow Series

The Kubota M Series Narrow tractors are now even better than before, offering up to 108 engine HP, greatly enhanced ergonomics and many value-adding features. With an intelligently revamped operator station and improved hydraulic capacity, M Narrow delivers on Kubota’s proven versatility, dependability and strength.

The M Series Narrow tractors are powered by the very popular V3800 series Kubota Diesel engine, which is a 3.8 liter, turbocharged, Tier 4 Final engine.

Kubota’s exclusive Bi-Speed turning is standard. When Bi-Speed is engaged, the front tires will rotate faster than the rear tires, pulling the front of the tractor around keeping a tight turning radius.

Additionally, the M Series Narrow tractors have more standard rear remote valves than before, now offering 2 valves as standard. With 18.1 GPM flow (16.7 GPM for M4N) and optional third, fourth or fifth remotes (all valves being independent flow control valves), the tractor is ready to accept implements requiring multiple valves.

If that wasn’t enough, the dash has been updated and contains a multi-function, multi-view intellipanel. All main controls are on the right hand side of the operator, while the steering wheel has 40 degrees tilt. Dual side mirrors and an easy access fuse box are standard.

All in all, with the redesigned cab, improved hydraulics, bi-speed turning and the stellar V3800 Kubota Diesel engine this Narrow tractor series is equipped to tackle any job in an orchard or vineyard!


Specialty Utility: 100.0 – 105.0HP

M Low Profile Series

Kubota M Series Low Profile tractors are designed specifically for fruit and nut orchard applications, the M Series Low Profile tractors are versatile enough to be used in poultry operations or anywhere low clearance operation is required. M5L and M6L Low Profile tractors are built solid to withstand the toughest orchard conditions and are factory ready to accept a Kubota built front end loader, making Kubota a leader in the low profile specialty tractor market.

Kubota installed a standard right hand operator’s guard on every M Series Low Profile tractor to help keep low hanging branches from contacting the operator or inadvertently contacting critical controls, like the main gear shift levers, throttle, rear remotes or 3-point control.

Kubota steel rear fenders are standard on all M Series Low Profile models. Kubota continues to use heavy-duty, wide steel fenders that will last the life of the tractor. Kubota’s rear fenders gently deflect the branches of trees, but withstand heavy abuse.

In low profile operations, hood height is critical to clear the low hanging canopy of an orchard. Kubota has engineered and designed a hood to not only house the engine and emissions components, but to also gently deflect and avoid branches in an orchard by sloping the hood and keeping it low. The hood heights on the M Series Low Profile tractors are 66.3” on the M5L-111 and 66.8” on the M6L-111. The sloped steel hood on the M Series Low Profile tractors also increases the operator’s visibility in front of the tractor.

The M Series Low profile tractor line-up is powered by Kubota’s proven and reliable V3800, 3.8 liter, turbocharged, Tier 4 Final diesel engine. With two models to choose from – the M5L-111 or the M6L-111 – customers have a choice to pick the model that fits their operation best.

Built Specifically for Fruit & Nut Orchards. 


High Clearance Tractor: 97.0HP

25.8” Standard Ground Clearance

High Clearance for vegetable & fruit row crops.

Equipped with a Kubota V3800, 3.8 liter, turbocharged, Tier 4 Final diesel engine.


Kubota M6H-101 High Clearance tractors lead the way in the vegetable and fruit row crop markets. With more standard ground clearance (25.8”) than the competitors in its horsepower class, the M6H-101 will add more productivity and peace of mind to your specialty crop operation.

The M6H-101 tractor line-up is powered by Kubota’s proven and reliable V3800, 3.8 liter, turbocharged, Tier 4 Final diesel engine. The M6H-101 offers 8 speeds in each of the high, low and creep ranges to get you down the road quickly or crawling through the field with slow speed precision. Kubota Swing-Shift Transmission shift handles have an integrated “de-clutch” button to allow the operator to shift gears without using the foot pedal clutch, reducing operator fatigue throughout the work day.

When ground clearance is the key to your operation, Kubota’s high clearance tractor’s front and rear axles stand above the competition. Kubota’s bevel gear front axle provides more ground clearance than the competitors’ straight, u-joint front axles by lowering the final drive hub, allowing the axle housing to rise over the crop. Both the front final drive and rear drop box axle ride within the wheels, not limiting critical ground clearance. When wide tread settings are required, wide axle spacer kits are used, allowing the front final drive and rear drop box to remain within the front and rear wheels to not limit ground clearance.

Oh the Possibilities…

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